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5 Reasons You Can't Afford NOT to Send Gifts to Your Team this Holiday

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Yes, giving gifts is hard normally, let alone trying to figure out what to get your entire team, who all have different interests and all are working remotely! But before you throw in the towel and get them an e-gift card, here are 5 reasons sending a unique and impactful gift this Holiday Season could make all the difference.

  • It's cheaper to retain your employees than hire new ones: Think about it: the countless interviews, trainings, and months and months of onboarding. Replacing an unhappy employee is ALWAYS more expensive than retaining a good one. Showing appreciation for their work is a small way to say “please don’t leave me,” but in a corporate, totally appropriate way.
  • Remote work is here to stay. Gone are the times of team-building “escape the rooms” and Corporate Happy Hours! “Forced Fun” (which did always end up being fun!) is much harder to achieve these days, and engaging your team is absolutely crucial when  your work culture is remote. Sending a little something helps teams feel connected in a continuously disconnected working environment

  • Employees don't leave jobs, they leave their bosses. We feel this one. Showing gratitude, empathy and rewarding your team is absolutely essential to being the type of boss your team can really rally behind. Look, jobs are hard sometimes. There is ALWAYS something your team doesn’t want to do, or something  they didn’t sign up for (that’s why it’s not free). Showing Gratitude and Appreciation for your team is just one way to ensure a healthy working relationship and just maybe  make up for a late night or the dreaded weekend work assignment.

  • People care about who they work for. The Pandemic led to a lot of reevaluation. “Is this the right job?” “Is this the right culture?” There’s no doubt people are leaving jobs now more than ever in favor of work-life balance and appreciation. A little gift can go a long way here.
    • Ramp up that productivity and bottom line. If nothing else, retention can actually increase company revenue by 25 to 95%* So, if you’re not gifting to lift their spirits, do it to lift your bottom line!

    The Holidays are a great time to thank your team for all their hard work. Start with Happy Box. We’ll help you curate the PERFECT gift, and we’ll handle all the details (like shipping to each doorstep) without you lifting a finger.

    Learn all about our corporate gift offerings and check out our Holiday 2021 Lookbook. Need something quick and in a pinch? Build a care package in a few clicks or shop our best-selling curated boxes, ready to ship.

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    Want more insight? 

    *source: https://www.godelta.com/blog/relationship-marketing-gift-ideas-to-improve-customer-experience**ends 12/01/2021 

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