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Free shipping to the US!



How long does it take to get a box to someone? 
We process your order in 1-3 business days, and ship in 3-5 business days (though we aim to get all products out within 3 business days). We ship USPS priority 1-2 day shipping and you will receive a tracking number so you can check in on your order status!

I'm shipping internationally, how long will it take for my box to arrive?
While we can't provide a general shipping estimate, we ship USPS Priority which can take anywhere between 1-5 weeks to arrive. Note: We do not purchase insurance on international packages. If you would like us to do so on your behalf, tell us & we will send you an invoice. You must tell us before you place your order, as we are not responsible for any item lost outside the country!

Do you put receipts in the packages?
Since most of our orders are surprises, we do not include receipts or invoices in with our shipped packages. You will get an email with your order information.

There is a problem with my order.
Please contact happyboxstoreinfo@gmail.com with the issue. Note we may ask for a photo. This will help us resolve any issue ASAP. If you notice an error after the package has shipped, we will do our best to correct it, but cannot be held responsible.

My tracking info says delivered but my box wasn't, what do I do?
Okay, breathe. we will get through this! First step, is to call the recipient. Make sure it wasn't left on her step or isn't with her doorman, etc. Next, call USPS, UPS or whatever service your confirmation email notes. Get all the info you can and notify us via email. We will work on our end to figure out what went wrong, but it always helps when you get the ball rolling! We never want to disappoint our customers, and we'll work super hard to make this right, as best we can.

If your order was returned to us, you'll be refunded for all the items you purchased once we receive the box. Note: you will be charged a $10 restocking fee.

You guys do same day delivery, right?
LOL Nah. You're confusing us with the other guys–AMAZON. Know it seems insane, but simply don't have our own delivery service, which means we can't do same-day stuff. Note: while sell on Amazon, but we physically can't offer same-day delivery. 

Can I customize a box?
Yes, visit our product builder!

Can I collaborate with Happy Box Store?
We're open to it! Give us a shout: happyboxstoreinfo@gmail.com