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2021 Holiday Corporate Gifting Trends

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A chill is in the air, which means the start of the corporate holiday gifting season! Here at Happy Box, we’re already designing holiday corporate gift campaigns for some amazing clients, as companies increasingly invest in corporate gifting as workforces continue to stay remote.

A recent gifting study cited by Forbes says more than 80% of corporations surveyed say gifts have improved relationships with employees and/or clients. Learn more about working with the Happy Box Corporate Gifting team for custom-sourced and branded gifts for your team this holiday season.

“The pandemic has really changed how we interact in corporate environments among teams,” says Hannah Redmond, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer here at Happy Box. “Shipping an impactful, branded and meaningful corporate gift has made a real impact for the companies we service whether gifting has been used by sales teams for prospecting or engagement, or by HR/People teams to keep employees engaged and feel appreciated.”

Our Corporate Gifting team has put together the following list of top four trends for corporate gifting we’re seeing this holiday season:

Trend #1: Rest & Recharge Gifts
It’s been a crazy couple of years, and the Zoom burnout is real. 80% of Americans surveyed say they intend to regularly practice self-care after COVID-19 pandemic, as they have put various self care practices in place while on lockdown (source: Healio). Putting together a custom kit centered in self care has been one of our most popular custom offerings for the upcoming holiday gifting season. “A box coming from your boss or team encouraging you to relax and take some time off goes a long way,” says Ariel Redmond, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer here at Happy Box. “We’re seeing requests for creating kits like soothing candles, spa face masks, body balms, indulgent treats, sleep masks, and more self-care essentials.”

Trend #2: Location Themed Gifts
Many leaders and managers at companies have expressed that they miss being in their home offices and cities, with employees now scattered all around the country. We’ve been seeing a rise in location-themed and focused gift boxes with a taste of a specific city, state or country. Picking foods, local artisan/craft items, puzzles/games and holiday accessories all featuring a specific location or city theme has already been a big hit for this upcoming holiday season.

Trend #3: Gifts the Give Back
The season of charitable giving is upon us, and employees are actually more engaged and have more job satisfaction when they work for companies that prioritize charitable giving. We’ve been crafting various gift boxes for this holiday season full of products and gifts that each give back, whether it’s a percentage of sales of each product going to a great cause, or that the product itself is carbon neutral or drives awareness of a cause. It’s been really meaningful for our team to source and craft a gifts that do good for the world. Side note: all Custom Corporate Gifting Campaigns at Happy Box also give back, learn more about that here.

Trend #4: Cocktail Kit Gifts
Not hosting a company holiday party but want to say “cheers” to the team? We’ve been crafting a variety of “home holiday party kits” and “holiday cocktail kits,” which provide a mixology experience for the recipient, and let’s be real: they’re a bit more fun to receive than a standard bottle of wine or whisky. We’ve crafted fun custom branded recipes for clients as well, creating an extra personalized experience.

However you choose to gift this season, we encourage you to start planning early and cross it off your list. At Happy Box, our Corporate Gifting team works with you based on your budget, brand and goals. Our buyers can source almost anything and our creative team will design and brand the perfect curated gift box for your needs.


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