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You can’t afford NOT to gift to your clients, here’s why

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Wondering if you really need to send clients physical gifts this holiday season? Strike the thought from your mind, because the answer is yes. Yes! A thousand times yes! Here’s just a few reasons why:

No one discards their mail without looking through it first
More than 80% of people look at their mail every single day, so sending a physical gift guarantees time spent looking at your brand or business. Don't have their physical address? No problem, you can ship many of our gifts with just an email address, and they'll get an alert to claim their gift and enter an address.

A physical gift stands out
A physical, open-and-unbox-with-your-hands gift is more memorable and bound to stand out amid the barrage of emails, texts, slacks, and greeting cards your client is likely to receive during the holiday season. It could be a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors.

A gift makes clients feel appreciated
No matter what business you’re in, you deal with people. And all people—employees and clients alike—like to feel valued and appreciated. Or they go elsewhere, which isn’t great for business. A thoughtful gift says,” I value you and our partnership, which I hope continues” in a fun to open kind of way.

A good gift can help promote and build your business
A well-planned, well-designed gift gets instagrammed, which helps expand your business’s reach to potential new clients. (Tip: The Happy Box team can help you create a gift that’s unique enough to be insta-worthy and well-branded to promote your business.)

Additional touchpoints to chat (& sell)
Sending a gift—especially a memorable one—will also likely prompt a thank you call or email from your client, providing a perfect opportunity to re-engage them in conversation to not only deepen your relationship and partnership, but also to chat business ahead of contract renewal time, or just for a nice opportunity to upsell a new offering, driving your business.

So to recap: skip client gifting at your own peril. If you’re convinced, but need some help with the actual gifting? Let us help! Check out all of Happy Box's corporate gift offerings plus our 2023 Corporate Holiday Gifting Lookbook to find a gift you can’t wait to send.

Not sure where to start or want a gift expert to weigh in? Inquire here.

Amanda Green, Content Writer

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