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Holiday Corporate Gifts 2023: What’s trending?

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Looking for some inspiration for your corporate holiday gifting? We gotchu! Our team has been whipping up unique custom holiday gifts for months already, which means we can give you the scoop on what's trending this year.

So what IS in Corporate Santa’s bag?

Trend 1: Ready, Set DO!
For the teams who “make it work” everyday, how about a gift where they can MAKE something fun? Gifting kits & creation experiences are more popular than ever with our customers. So far this season, we’ve created: cookie decorating kits, cocktail making kits, pizza night kits, tye dye kits — just to name a few. 

Trend 2: Rest & Recharge
The employee burnout is REAL, so it makes perfect sense that wellness kits would be a hot trend this year. Our kits go beyond merely being “spa themed” —focusing more specifically on meditation, sleep, rest & health. To date, we’ve had requests for custom yoga mats, meditation starter kits, and even indoor gardening and zen kits. View ready to ship wellness gifts here.

Trend 3: Members only
Swag is never out of style, but custom QUALITY SWAG items are BIG hits this quarter, more specifically:  YETIs, Stanley Tumblers, embroidered Carhartt beanies, “dad” hats & super fuzzy embroidered blankets are all the rage. View some popular swag boxes for the holidays here.

Trend 4: Game On
How about a gift your team and their families can enjoy? Game night gifts are a HOT this season, giving the whole family an excuse for a fun, cozy night in. (Pro-tip: include treats!) This is a new trend for this season, but we’re LOVING the gift vibe and the fun branding opportunities for every item in the kit!

Whatever kind of gift you decide on, planning early is KEY. At Happy Box, our Corporate Gifting team will work within your budget, brand and goals. Our team can source almost anything, design nearly anything, and brand the perfect curated gift box for your whole list.

Reach out today to get started on your custom gifting proposal by inquiring here or or by booking a call. Check out all Corporate Gifting Offerings here.

Amanda Green, Content Writer

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