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Ship a Gift With Just an Email Address

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You asked - we built it!

Now on many of our offerings, you'll see the option to ship a gift with just an email address, making it easier than ever to ship a thoughtful long distance gift.

"Many of our existing customers for both personal and corporate gifting have been asking for this," said Ariel Redmond, our Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer. We rolled it out to our corporate Concierge clients earlier this year and now have launched it for personal gifting, available on-site for a variety of our personal gifting offerings too like the Gift Box Builder our Curated Gifts. We've also always had this as part of our Gift Instantly option too, which many people use for last-minute gifting."

Here's how it works:

1. At checkout, you'll be asked if you want to ship using a physical address or an email address. If you select email address, you can add one or many email addresses, which will depend on how many gifts you have in your cart. 

2. Then you get to customize a fun gift message with memes, gifs, and your custom gift message:

3. Finally, you get to select your gift notification arrival date. Your recipient(s) will get this email notification and then get 3 more reminders, weekly to claim their gift. When they claim their gift, all they have to do is enter their current shipping address and the gift will be packed and shipped and sent right to their door. Easy peasy.

"We're continuing to innovate various shipping features and options, since our goal is to make personalized gifting as easy and seamless for our customers as possible," said Hannah Redmond, our Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. The reaction to this new feature so far has been so positive so we're excited to show everyone what's next." 

Try it out by building a custom care package for any occasion, or by shopping one of our expertly sourced and best-selling gift curations. 

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