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Staff Favorites: February Gift Edition

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One of our most popular emails we send is our Staff Picks emails - and for good reason, we have a team of gifting experts who are reviewing literally thousands of gifts per year to ID ones we think our customers will like. The long-awaited staff picks for February is finally here... woohoo! Cheers to the second month in 2024, full of love and friendship.

February is more than a month on the calendar; it's a commemoration of love and friendships. So, embrace the opportunity to show your besties and loved ones affection through none other than Happy Box gifts, like sending a 100% customized gift box by YOU with our famous custom Box Builder! ☺️ You can also send beautiful expertly curated gifts now too!

Now, enough of the chit-chat, let’s dive into our top picks made just for you! We promise our favorites won’t disappoint you!

The Farrah Bud
In Curated Gifts
“My favorite item on our site right now is the Farrah Bud because it’s the most beautiful floral arrangement perfect for a bedroom or desktop, and I can’t kill it because it’s dried and preserved!” - Hannah, Co-Founder

The Perfect Man Chocolate
(on the  Box Builder - limited stock left!)
“It’s hilarious - it says he’s ‘sweet and rich,’ we love a good novelty item to get your friends to laugh.” - Ariel, Co-Founder

Pink Leopard Fuzzy Socks
 (on the  Box Builder - limited stock left!)
“My fav Gal Day gift item on site are the Pink Leopard Fuzzy Socks because they’re so warm and toasty and SUPER cute!” - Callie, Strategic Projects

Conversation Hearts
(on the  Box Builder)
“Conversation Hearts!! A classic and fun gift...also to help you get through that awkward silence…” - Chris, Warehouse Manager

You Are Loved Chocolate Bar
(on the Box Builder)
“My favorite item is the You are Loved Chocolate Bar we designed. It’s a short and sweet addition to your care package that ties EVERYTHING together!” - Nia, Art Director

We know, we’ve got some of the coolest products on the market. 😎 Plus, these are only OUR favorites. Find yours at the Box Builder or on our Curated Gifts for the Val/Gal Day season! 💖

Written by Janice Budiman, Marketing Intern

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