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The perfect gift for the Pisces in your life...

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Dive into the sea of gifting tailored just for our beloved Pisces, where heartfelt surprises reign supreme! At Happy Box, we've crafted the perfect recipe for a birthday delight that's sure to make waves in their hearts. With countless custom gifts sent to doorsteps far and wide, we've honed our expertise to ensure each present is as special as the Piscean soul it's meant for. Trust us when we say: we're the real deal when it comes to gifting greatness. 🎁 🌊

Fun fact, our co-founder Hannah is a Pisces...

Our Box Builder is a great way to make your own curated gifts. In just a few easy clicks, you can create something that’s fully customizable to perfectly reflect their unique personality and preferences. Whether you're incorporating soothing scents, sweet treats, or heartfelt messages, our Box Builder empowers you to craft a one-of-a-kind gift that's sure to show your appreciation. Dive in and start building your personalized present today!

Box Builder Walkthrough

  1. Click on Build a Box
  2. Select your gifts (hundreds to choose from!)
  3. Pick a gift box design
  4. Pick a handwritten card & add your note 
  5. Fill out recipient details No address is necessary because everything could be done via email 🎉

Quick. Easy. Simple. Convenient!!! Now… Before we dive ANY deeper, let’s start by acquainting ourselves with the sign itself.

What makes a Pisces, Pisces? 
Say hello to Pisces! Those born between February 19 and March 20 navigate the waves of life as a water sign and are symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This imagery captures the dichotomy that exists within their personalities, which is their constant need for balance between their dreams and reality! And thankfully, they sure damn well know how to make those dreams come to reality! 

Expect an exciting ride where anything can happen with a Pisces. They will teach you how to adopt a fresh perspective on literally EVERYTHINGelevating even the most boring tasks into exciting journeys that are truly unforgettable. Go Pisces! 

So, what to gift these creative and mysterious human beings? Sit back and relax while we brew up some things they will definitely enjoy to build the PERFECT custom gift box:

Pisces Candle
The most obvious gift choice, we know. Throw in our Pisces Candle into the mix and expect the most delicious scent of mint, chocolate, vanilla, and cream all together, it will leave your Pisces wanting for more!   Add to your box >
Birthday Cake Pretzels
These birthday cake pretzels are bursting with flavor, and they’re a delicious reminder that any day is worth celebrating (especially on their birthdays 😉). Coated in creamy white chocolate and covered with vanilla cookie crumbles and rainbow sprinkles, this sweet snack is almost too pretty to eat!  Add to your box >
Satin Sleep Mask
The soft blue color of our satin sleep mask mimics the placid waters of Pisces, the sign's ruling element! The smooth satin has the softest touch for their sensitive skin, ensuring their exclusive dream experiences where they can explore the depths of their wildest imaginations! It truly is the ideal getaway to their beloved dreamland!  Add to your box >
Public Supply Notebook
Our Dot-Paper Soft Cover Notebook gives a Pisces countless opportunities to sketch, scribble, and write their thoughts and aspirations! This journal serves as a creative gallery for a Pisces as they are known to be artistic individuals!  Add to your box >
XL Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Just like a Pisces who’s full of surprises, each bite of this cookie offers a delightful mix of sweet gooey chocolate and a zing of sea salt! What better way than to honor their aquatic traits than with a hint of sea in their snack!? It hits close to home! Plus, Pisces are pros of balancejust like their symbol, this cookie serves a harmonious blend of sweet and savory! Just perfect! Add to your box >


Of course, these are just a few of our recommendations. We have SO many more options on our gift box builder so, rest assured, will impress your Pisces! Explore our collection of mystery and thrill at the Box Builder today and get to customizing your own Pisces box!

Need inspiration? Our team of experts have come up with the perfect gifting combos, like ever! Our Curated Gifts vary by occasion, milestones, moods, you name it! You can even add and remove items as you see fit. Of course we even have a section for birthdays to commemorate your Pisces friends (and their birth). So, be sure to check them out if you’re fresh out of ideas! 

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