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What is Galentine's Day & How to Celebrate it!

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Get ready for the wonderful February 13th—the day you and your girlfriends get to forget about all the cringey romantic fluff and focus on what truly matters: your friendships! You guessed it first; it's your favorite unofficial holiday, Galentine's Day!

Now we all know that Galentine's Day is all about the girls, but how did it come to be? And where did it all begin, you ask? The answer lies in a trip down memory lane to the second season of "Parks and Recreation." Yup! Galentine's Day came straight out of our absolute favorite TV show—on the 16th episode, to be exact—where the idea leaped from our screens and into our hearts... and now onto the world's calendars!

In this iconic episode, Leslie hosts her annual "Galentine's Day" party for her girlfriends on February 13th—aka the day before Valentine's Day. They exchange stories of crushes and unrequited love which then (of course) manifest into antics of tracking down old flames, senior dances, jealousy, and even heartbreak. It's a doozy.

Why does Happy Box hold Galentine's Day so close to our hearts? If you want the short answer, we would tell you that we are completely run by a group of talented and exceptional women. So, like, duh! If you want the long answer, well, grab a seat and get yourself some popcorn. It's actually a core part of our business' founding story: our co-founder Ariel was dumped by her boyfriend right around Valentine's Day. So, her sister, who is also our co-founder, Hannah, decided to create the perfect Galentine's care package for her long-distance sister! That was more than 15 years ago and sparked the idea for Happy Box - they started the company in 2017 and the rest was history...

Now… enough of the blabbing. Here are some fun ideas to celebrate our FAVE holiday.

Host a Galentine's Slumber Party
What better way to heal your inner child than with heart-shaped sleep masks, sweet-scented candles, matching adorable pink fuzzy socks, all while surrounded by Galentine's decorations and your favorite girls? So freaking girl-core, we know. Galentine's Day is the perfect excuse to host your very own grown-up slumber party. Don't cut your night short with a boring dinner reservation that would make you and your girls feel as if it was just any other day. Plus, it's a great way to escape reality and take cute pictures, practice that TikTok dance, and indulge together while celebrating each other! Just... don't think about the work you have the next day...
> Need favors for your party? Build each guest a custom Galentine's Happy Box!

Gal Day Treats
Whip up a batch of your favorite sweets and chef things up with your very own romantic twists. Make heart-shaped cookies, drown your sweets with all things pink and red and white (like...sprinkles and whipped cream!), make fun Galentine cocktails and mocktails, go wild!  It counts as a fun activity and plus, indulge in some cravings. Or, if you're lazy, you can always order your favorite local take-out! You're the boss and this nights for you and the girls!
> Shop our FAVE cookies are here: they're HUGE, gooey, organic, and delicious. Pro-tip, pop 'em in the microwave for 10 sec...heavenly. 


Slideshows as a tribute to your shitty exes
Got a whole roster of ex-lovers? We totally get it. Being that one friend who carries the weight of constantly doing it for the plot isn’t easy. But hey, our terrible love lives make a fun story to tell the girls. Always. So, how about making a slideshow as a tribute to all your shitty exes? Whether it may be your ex-boyfriend, that one guy you found on Hinge, or that one situationship you can’t seem to get over, this activity is an awesome way to find humor amidst your neverending chaos. It's like a  much-needed therapy sesh just better, its with your besties backing you up! Plus its the most fun powerpoint/Google slides deck you'll ever make.

Spoil Each Other
Last, but certainly not least—show your love with fun gifts! Give thanks to your girls by getting them a box of goodies that screams "THIS IS SO HER!" Let Happy Box help you create a custom care package for Galentine's Day, complete with a handwritten, personalized note shipped right to their door. Now, imagine your girlfriends' faces lighting up with joy as they walk in to see a beautiful arrangement of gift boxes waiting to be opened. It's the perfect way to kickstart your slumber party! And what better way to end the night than with the long-awaited unboxing? Plus, if that one girlfriend can't make it, we can always ship it right to her doorstep! That way, no one misses out on anything!

Here are even more ways to gift with Happy Box - and the best part? Gifts are sourced from many women and diverse-owned businesses so you can feel GOOD about gifting! 

Curated Gifts: The Happy Box expert gifting team has hand-picked an assortment of cute gifts that are sectioned out by occassion. Your girlfriend got dumped? Check out our ‘Sympathy & Get Well’. Your girlfriend just got a new job? Check out our ‘Celebration & Milestone’ Gifts! You get the idea, and we handle the rest!

The Galentine's Day Box (THAT SELLS OUT EVERY YEAR!): This fun, curated Gal’s Day Kit is the perfect box of treats for the friends in your life. You can also add or remove items as you like and include a handwritten note. Perfect, rightt??

MOST POPULAR: Build a Gift Box: Let your imaginations run free with our Build a Box. Everything in the box is customizable to your liking! (Fun Idea: Get this—every box is unique to each and every one of your girls. Pick out the goodies that remind you of them!)

Regardless of how you decide to spend your Galentine’s Day, we wish you a day filled with laughter, love, and all the Happy—ness. 

Written by Janice Budiman, Social Media Intern

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