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Top Selling Holiday Gifts $50 & Under

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'Tis the season to gift - and if your love language is gift giving like mine is, it’s always best to have some budget-friendly gift options, ready to send. We’ve rounded up a few of our top-selling holiday gifts and bundles that are $50 or less (BONUS: these are eligible for promo codes too, so be sure to sign up for emails and SMS for sales notifications).

The best part? These either all come with handwritten cards, or you can add one on to make the perfect gift. They can also each be shipped with just an email address, and can be shipped to one or many locations all in one checkout when buying in bulk (think: team gifts). 

Hurry: our limited stock of seasonal inventory WILL sell out! Grab & schedule delivery for in-time holiday shipping.


Holiday Binge Watch Bundle
The perfect gift for those who are holiday-movie obsessed, they’ll appreciate this mug for cocoa to sip on while watching Hallmark channel. Includes your holiday card, handwritten. 
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$30 + shipping & tax



Holiday Light Cup Trio
These show-stopping holiday light cups make a great instagrammable gift. 
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$35 + shipping & tax + handwritten card (optional)



New Year Gift Set
Wish them a sweet 2024 with a sweet smelling candle and a motivational pocket notebook to track goals. Includes your card of choice handwritten. 
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$30 + shipping & tax


Peppermint Gift Set
A seasonal fave: treats that mix the flavors chocolate & mint are simply delightful. Includes your card, handwritten.
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$36 + shipping & tax

Snarky Holiday Gift Set
Everyone has someone on their list who will appreciate a little snark...this mini hot toddy syrup and snarky mug will do the trick. Shop now >
$30 + shipping & tax


Cozy AF Flannel Sleep Mask
Keeping on the "snarky" train, this exclusive for Happy Box eye mask is a hilarious self-care gift item. Want to make it part of a bigger gift? Add it to your custom gift box via the Box Builder. Shop now >
$30 + shipping & tax + card (optional)


Toasty Toes Gift Set
Classic & cozy, this gift set is perfect for winter months to come. Shop now >
$30 + shipping & tax + card (optional)



Mindful Meditation Set 
Self care gifts are truly the best gifts, for anyone on your list. This set is a game changer. Shop now >
$30 + shipping & tax + card (optional)



4 Pack of Fresh Baked XL Cookies
These cookies are HUGE and insanely delicious. They are shipped same day as being baked. Yes, seriously.
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$24 + shipping & tax + card (optional)



Wanna see more gifts? Shop all curated holiday gifts here or build a custom gift box on our gift Box Builder, or shop ALL by visiting our home page.

Written by: Hannah Redmond, Co-founder


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