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Great ideas for your college student care packages...

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Have a loved one who’s about to start college? Or heading back to the dorm for another year?

You could make the trip (or several trips) to various stores and then deal with the burden of packing, shipping…and hope that you didn’t forget anything or else it’s back to the post office…

Or you could save all that time, stress, energy and gas, build your favorite student their own personalized care package right from the comfort of your couch with Happy Box. There are literally thousands of combinations of gift boxes that could be arranged with Happy Box, which is why Box Builder is our most popular offering! Even better than the gifts themselves, each custom care package comes with your gift note, handwritten by an amazing member of our team. Really.

We've shipped hundreds of thousands of custom gifts, so we know a thing or two about custom gifting. Here are some tips to build the perfect "back to dorm" care package:

For those who enjoy the art of the surprise and are looking for inspiration, these are some categories to consider for your own customized back to school gift box. 

  1. School Supplies: Students will never have enough to write with and on. But learning materials don’t have to be basic. Happy Box has options for not only notebooks, pens and other must-have items to keep your student’s mind on track, but also has items for some much needed mental breaks.
  2. Home Sweet Home Feels: There’s something special about having a signature smell in your home. Or having a warm cup of gourmet coffee out of your favorite mug, or a thick, gooey cookie. Gift your student some home-making comforts, such as tea, hot cocoa, an XL cookie a great mug.
  3. Self Care Essentials: From face masks and lotion to plant-growing kits and mindfulness flashcards, offer them a way to rejuvenate, relax and decompress during stressful exam seasons like midterms. Everyone needs a reminder to take a break sometimes.
  4. Brain Fuel:  One thing all students need is an abundance of snacks. In the middle of the day or the middle of the night, those hard working minds need sustenance. Luckily, there is a variety of unique, delicious and fun foodie goodies on our website. There is a flavor for everyone, whether it’s salty, sweet, salty and sweet, and spicy for the ones who like a little burn.
  5. Some Pizzazz: One of the best parts of the back-to-school season is the personalization of all your school materials. You’ve got the customized journal, the pens, the candles, the mug…and all of those things have ample real estate for stickers. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with an A+ selection of stickers for all personalities. If your student isn’t a “sticker person”, there are plenty of other choices to showcase their unique vibe - with pizzazz. 

Going back to school is an exciting, stressful and, sometimes, intimidating time. Every student deserves to start the school year with all the tools and comforts life can provide. That starts with assembling the perfect gift box

Our Happy Box team takes great pride in bringing warmth and smiles to all our customers. The quality doesn’t stop with our fantastic selection of items. On top of the handwritten note that comes with each package, every item is hand selected and hand packed. This minimizes the chance for mistakes or returns, and enhances your loved one’s experience by adding that “little something extra”. 

There’s no need to jump through hoops to make your favorite student feel special. Check out the thousands of combinations of gifts on our Box Builder!

Written by Annie Atwood

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