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Ask these questions before making a gift box for a Leo

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Leos are famous for their loyalty to their friends and family. They deserve a meaningful gift to celebrate their special day. Here are a few important questions to ask yourself when putting together the best custom care package for a Leo. 

How have they been feeling lately?
Leo’s are constantly volunteering to help others and always work hard! Because of that, they experience intense burn out. So if they have been especially hard, then get them something that will bring them peace, help them relax and bonus points if you can do it together. Share with them some spa items, a candle, or a couple of face masks to do next time you're together.

What is a cherished memory in your relationship?
Whether it’s the day you met, the first time you watched their favorite movie together, or that one time you were walking around town and a bird dive bombed out of nowhere causing your slushie to be thrown into the air, thus drenching you both in sticky, icy, red liquid, leading to an eruption of laughter followed by hours of inside jokes….No matter what it is, get them something that they can always look at and remember your good times. Funky socks, a journal, matching keychains, even as simple as something the color red, to signify the red stains that never came out of that hoodie that they now have in the depths of their closet. But definitely don’t stop there. Match the Leo energy and load that gift box up! In your gift note, mention why you chose what you chose and the call-back to a memory - trust us it will go a long way!

Do they have time in the day for themselves? 
Leos often forget to factor time into the day for themselves. They need you to help remind them to decompress. This is the perfect opportunity to let them know you see all that they do for others. Get them something that is easy to put together and makes them feel calm, cozy and safe. Our suggestions: hot cocoa bomb or relaxing tea, a brand new mug, gourmet snacks.

Leos love someone who is proactive and thoughtful. Take a moment to reflect on these questions while browsing our box builder to build the perfect birthday care package. Load up your custom Leo care package, pick the design for the box and hand written note, and send without ever breaking a sweat. We also have an option to let them choose their own gift, just in case your Leo isn’t big on surprises. 

Written by Annie Atwood

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