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Build the Perfect Gift Box for the Virgos in Your Life

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They don’t mean to be picky, which is why you might not know that they are. Virgos would rather keep something they don’t want forever rather than tell you it’s not their favorite. They are our charming, endearing and super empathetic friends! So of course you want to get them something special on their birthday.

This year, a custom care package that gives them an array of things to enjoy is the play. Give them an array of things to enjoy in their own custom, made-for-them care package. 

Need Virgo gift box inspiration? We got you. It’s important that your gifts be thoughtful, so we’ve illustrated the ideal care package for your detail oriented loved ones. 

Virgos' have a great appreciation for functionality and practicality in gifts. Their attention to detail and love for organization call for personalized planners or organizers to help them stay organized. Virgos appreciate high-quality, unique and fun stationery or office supplies for their meticulous nature, so make sure to browse the stationary section and add to your gift box.

The importance of self-care for Virgos is fundamental. The benefits of mindfulness and meditation-related gifts specifically for this perfectionist can not be overstated. In your Virgo care package, absolutely include items that they can use to defuse, unwind and zone-out. Lucky for you, we have an all-star selection of self care products to choose from.

Intellectual and creative gifts are another exemplary addition. Art supplies or creative tools for their artistic side as well as intellectual challenges, such as puzzles or brain-teasers are not only ideal, but practically demanded.

Meaningful and personalized gifts will always, without a doubt pull the heartstrings of a Virgo. They are sweet, sentimental beings, they deserve a gift that will rise to the occasion. At Happy Box, our amazing team hand writes every note for every gift box. Use this opportunity to tell them how much they mean to you, the amazing qualities they add to your life, and how grateful you are to have them. 

At Happy Box, not only is there a plethora of items to choose from, but they are sourced from small businesses who support sustainable living. Two qualities that will make any Virgo say “oooh yeah, I like that.” 

NEW: For all those last-minute gifters: If you’re running late on their gift for their special day, you can always send a same-day gift alert with our let them choose offering - where they can actually pick out their very own gift!

Written by Annie Atwood

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