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Galentine's Day & How to Celebrate it

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Gather your girl gang, grab and pop open the champagne, and have your favorite restaurant on deck for delivery. Galentine's Day is right around the corner and it’s time to celebrate your girls. 

Being a season that’s primarily focused on romantic relationships, Valentine’s Day can be hard for some. You might be walking down the street and see people carrying an assortment of flowers, or couples holding hands, and you kind of want to throw up–  but you also want what they have. 

Not here! At Happy Box we celebrate best friends all day every day. This business started from supporting a sister after a breakup so we definitely cherish female friendships. There is something about Galentine’s Day that just produces serotonin! It must be the Target holiday aisle with all the pinks, reds, and purples and Valentine themed candy that makes me want to create the cutest gifts to give my own girl gang or host my own Galentine’s Day party. 

But what is Galentine’s Day you ask? This female-oriented day began from an episode of Parks and Recreation when Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope, invited her friends over for Brunch on February 13th.  In a very over the top way, she celebrated her female friends by giving them gifts and an essay about why she loves them. And in a time where we are trying to make it through the pandemic, it is more important now to shower your friends with love.

How Do You Celebrate Galentine’s Day? 

Ladies who Brunch

In an ode to Sex and the City and Parks and Rec, host a brunch! Whether it’s at your favorite brunch spot or in your home decorated to a T, what better way to connect with your girls than over some waffles and mimosas. 

Rom Com Movie Night

Grab the chocolate and wine and have your favorite rom com ready to play. Romantic Comedies are the way to go on Galentine’s Day. They keep things light because you still have the romance with a touch of funny and you won’t want to cry yourself to sleep after watching. 

Our go-to favorites: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Other Woman, Bridesmaids, and 13 Going on 30.

Grown Up Slumber Party

If you’re not a fan of sleeping anywhere else except your own bed, make it a grown up slumber party without the slumber. Invite your besties over and let them wear their fav PJs. Order in food, do some spa night rituals like nails and face masks, and have wine and a movie on deck. Do everything you would’ve done during your childhood sleepovers, except for prank calling your crush. 

Wine & Paint 

Have everyone bring over a bottle of wine for a little wine tasting and buy some canvases and paint. Drink up and wine down during a little paint sesh with the girlies. You can google some inspo for everyone to paint the same thing. Between the wine and the paint, it may get a little messy. Cheers! 

Long distance friendships?

Send your BFFs a thoughtful gift, *cough* Happy Box *cough* and have a facetime date with them to catch up. What better way to surprise your bestie than with a care package full of everything they love. Happy Box makes it easy by shipping a personalized gift right to their door for when you can’t be there.  

We hope this list of ideas leads to inspiration for your own Galentine’s Day! And remember, anyone can participate in Galentine’s Day, whether you want to celebrate the Monica to your Rachel or the Joey to your Dawson, this day is about celebrating friendships!

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