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2022 New Years Resolution: Stay in Touch with Friends

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Though things are certainly different from how they were a year ago (hopefully you have been able to see AND hug those you love the most), some pandemic behaviors will probably stick around for a while. Thankfully, one of those behavioral changes is the way we communicate with the people in our lives near and far. If COVID has made us realize one thing it’s that it is important to reach out to people during very isolating and “unprecedented” times (if I hear that word one more time... ). That need for human interaction led us to come up with extremely creative ways to connect with people from inside the four walls of our homes. We wanted to share the ways in which our Happy Box team stays in touch with their long distance friends and the people they cannot connect with as often as they’d like.

“Me and my long distance BFFs have virtual happy hours, schedule phone call dates, and ship each other care packages!” - Callie, Strategic Projects & Operations Manager, Happy Box Store

“We are constantly texting in a group chat, and we always send secret Santa gifts around the holidays.” - Rita, Director, Marketing, Growth & Operations

“Have a group chat going, schedule FaceTime dates, have spur of the moment phone calls when driving or in transit somewhere, and always send each other some kind of sweet treat on our birthdays!” - Sarah, B2B Partner Success Sr. Manager

“My best friend and I have reminders in our calendars once a month to schedule a phone call or send each other a text to check in.” - Corinne, Fulfillment Team Member 

“At the beginning of the pandemic, I created a cocktail book (on Shutterfly) with a recipe that reminded me of each one of my friends (included pictures, funny notes, inside jokes, etc.). Then we made a chain and mailed it to each other after each person had it for a few weeks and everyone added pics/memories/notes of them attempting to make the cocktails. Once we were able to get together in person, we had a contest where we made all the drinks and rated them.” - Nicole, Experience Operations Manager

“My best friend moved to Texas. He and I FaceTime multiple times a week and never text. We also have been traveling back and forth for each other’s birthdays. I also stay in contact with his girlfriend very often so that I can stay involved with his life!” - John, Inventory Operations Manager, Happy Box Store

Hopefully you can take some of these tips and use them the next time you’re trying to get your long distance friends together (whether it be virtually or in person). And don’t forget that Happy Box allows you to create the perfect care package for any occasion that can be sent to any of your besties!

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