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How Galentine's Day Inspired Happy Box

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Galentine's Day is one of our favorite holidays! It's celebrated February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day, and is all about celebrating friendships. 

First of all, Parks & Recreation is one of Ariel's (co-founder of Happy Box) favorite  shows. For those who may not know, Galentine's Day was first popularized by the show in its second season, where, in one particular episode, Leslie hosts her annual "Galentine's Day" party for her girlfriends. Ever since Ariel saw that episode, she hosted a Galentine's Day party in Manhattan. Some years we all went out to eat, some years we went out for Karaoke! 

But that's not the only reason we're obsessed with the holiday. Back around 2007 when Hannah & Ariel (the co-founders and sisters behind Happy Box) were in college, Ariel had gone through a bad breakup with Valentine's Day right around the corner. As any big sister would, Hannah wanted to make her sister feel better and surprise her with a gift that "felt like a hug from far away," - 200 miles away to be exact. So, Hannah set out to build the first ever Happy Box - she went to 7 stores and ended up at the post office to curate and send the perfect "breakup survival box" for Ariel. When Ariel opened it up, she called Hannah crying thanking her for the gift. 

This sparked the idea of Happy Box - what if you could create a customized care package with cute, quirky and fun gifts, and include a handwritten note for a super personal touch, all in a few clicks? Hannah and Ariel tabled the idea for a few years while they worked corporate jobs in Manhattan, but the idea never left them. Finally, in 2016, they decided to try the concept out on Etsy, and the following year opening their own shop: www.happyboxstore.com online. 

So, to this day years later, Galentine's Day means everything to the sisters and to Happy Box as it's woven into our founding story. That's why you'll see tons of new Galentine's gift items & cards on the Box Builder, as well as a few great themed Curated Boxes for the holiday! 

Happy Box was born out of Galentine's Day and is the perfect gifting solution to staying in touch with long distance gal pals! Read more about Happy Box here.

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