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2023: The Year Your Team Gets Holiday Gifts They Don't Hate

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Our gift to all employers this holiday season is not gate-keeping this critical gift-giving truth nugget. So here it is: the one thing that takes a team gift from lame to LOVE IT is personalization. Here’s why:

  1. By customizing a gift to their preferences, you’re making your team feel like you really see and appreciate them (which is so critical in a remote-work world). Plus, it means avoiding the dreaded, “I’m allergic” and “oh…I don’t drink,” convos. So you’re welcome.

  2. Personalizing shows you’ve spent time and were thoughtful. Unlike, say, a digital gift card which screams, “I spent 2 minutes thinking about this.”

  3. It may be the thing that keeps them from job hunting in the new year. 80% of employees who quit their jobs say lack of appreciation was a core reason, even above salary and bonus (Source: OC Tanner). In remote environments the feeling of appreciation and being “a part of the team” is hard to accomplish, which is why moments like these are the perfect opportunity to make a real difference.

It’s the holiday season - show your team you love them and appreciate them in the most professional and seasonally appropriate way with something unique this year. Happy Box is a great place to start. We’ll help you curate the PERFECT personalized gift, and we’ll handle all the details (like handwriting your cards for you and shipping to each doorstep). Think of us as your personal gifting assistant. What’s more, we’re certified women and minority owned and we source many of our gifts from other diverse-owned businesses, so you can feel great about gifting with us.

Ready to get gifting? Shop all holiday gift offerings here. You can build an individual care package in a few clicks or let them pick their own gift with Gift Instantly. Want bulk orders and robust branding on items and packaging? We do that too: reach out to our team about custom corporate gift offerings for the whole team. 

Amanda Green, Content Writer

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