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Corporate Gifting Client Spotlight: Modern Rebel

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When Modern Rebel, the coolest wedding planning company ever, approached us with the idea of crafting a memorable onboarding gift for their clients, we knew we were in for something special. For a wedding planning company who prides themselves on being unconventional, we knew the result had to be anything but basic. The result? A date night in a box that would help foster connection, laughter, and love for the couples they work with. 🏩

Modern Rebel opted into our Concierge (100% custom) gift campaign offering, so not only did we do the creative ideation, design, and custom source each product in their gift box, but we also warehouse and ship their clients' gifts on-demand, as they need them.

Here's what we came up with:

  1. Mocktail/Cocktail Kit: Because first thing's first. Every great date night starts with a delicious drink. 
  2. Fun Playlist: Music sets the tone for any occasion, and date nights are no exception. By scanning a QR code, each couple can access a handpicked playlist curated by our team.
  3. Conversation Cards: We included conversation cards that are designed specifically for couples. Each card has a different thought-provoking prompt that can help ignite deep and engaging discussions. Our goal with this one was to encourage couples the couples to connect on a deeper level.
  4. Cozy Socks: What's a date night without a touch of coziness and comfort? Whether cuddled up on the couch or dancing in the living room, these socks add an extra layer of relaxation to the experience.
  5. Branded Candle: To create the perfect ambiance, we crafted a custom-branded candle that fills the room with a gentle glow and a delightful scent. 

Why We Love It
We treated this box as an opportunity to really showcase the brand (both branding and core mission/values), and to create lasting memories. By curating a thoughtful selection of items, we aimed to create an experience that fosters connection, laughter, and love. It's about creating moments that couples will cherish long after the wedding bells have rung. This gift is more than just a box of goodies—it's a celebration of love, romance, and the power of meaningful connections. 

Want to learn more about Corporate Gifting at Happy Box? Visit our Corporate Page for more information or contact us via our Inquiry Form or Book a Call with a gifting expert today.

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