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3 Things We're Feeling this International Women's Day

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On this International Women’s Day, we are feeling thankful, unapologetic, & hopeful. International Women’s Day for us as a female-founded company is a day of celebrating how far we’ve come both in our careers and with our families, and reflecting on our company’s mission which is to elevate other women and diverse owned vendors as part of our business.

We’re thankful for the support of our customers, our clients, our partners, and the many women and allies who have helped us get to where we are today.

We’re unapologetic - in standing up for ourselves as female leaders, and for prioritizing what matters most to us: our families & our business.

We’re hopeful for a future where there are even more women entrepreneurs, where women owned businesses get more funding, and where there is more of a spotlight on the benefits of diversity in business leadership overall.

We hope this month inspires you to do some simple acts to uplift, inspire, and celebrate women. Here are 5 really easy ways to do so!

  1. Compliment or say ‘thank you’ to a hard-working woman in your life, completely out of the blue.
  2. Re-post or share social posts highlighting powerful female stories & promoting women-owned businesses.
  3. Instead of doom-scrolling social media in bed, spend that time looking up an amazing woman in history and learn a bit more about her. It’ll be sure to inspire!
  4. Donate to a women-focused organization this month. Here are a few we’ve donated to recently: WPA, Girls Inc., Women Rising, & Bright Pink.
  5. Shop women owned businesses for something this month.

Stay happy,
Hannah & Ariel
Sisters & Co-Founders of Happy Box

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