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Organizations To Support This International Women's Month

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We are women-led here at Happy Box, so International Women’s Month is more than just a random moment on our calendars — it’s core to the culture of the business that we strive to maintain, year long! We ask you for this month, to join in with us on the ride.

We are deeply committed to supporting organizations that serve girls, women and other minority groups. So, in celebration of International Women's Month, we wanted to share just a few of the amazing women and girl-focused organizations we've supported over the past few years, in case you're looking to make an impact and donate too (which we hope you are!). 

Women Rising
As the name suggests, Women Rising is a community-based organization in our home county, Hudson County, New Jersey, that advocates for the empowerment of women as well as their families. They help women and their families to achieve self-sufficiency and live safe, productive, and fulfilling lives. And these are all done through social services, economic development, and advocacy services. Learn more...

Bright Pink
Despite the world’s technological advances, millions of women still struggle to navigate the unfortunate path of breast and ovarian cancer. This is where Bright Pink steps in! With its safety net of knowledge and preventative health measures, they are leaders of action and are committed to helping these women be the top fighter in their own health! They are equipped with various resources that manage these risks while ensuring a smooth journey for these girls. Learn more...

Women’s Prison Association (WPA)
The Women’s Prison Association (WPA) is all about second-chances and new beginnings! They are dedicated to completely flipping the script for the women who faced injustice and incarceration. How do they do that, exactly? Three words: Freedom, Independence, and Safety. Women face unique challenges post incarceration. The WPA empowers women to make supportive community connections and acts as a safe haven for these women to heal and thrive. From developing career and workplace skills to paving the way for self-sufficiency, the WPA is committed to helping every woman regain her footing in the door that is the future, because a woman’s potential should never EVER be determined by her past. Learn more...

Girls Inc.
Girls Inc. is dedicated to empowering the young ladies of today to become tomorrow's leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, scientists, you name it! They are the masterminds and absolute experts in mentorship, education, and a whole lot of girl power! Think of it as if you’re giving these girls a shortcut to everlasting success. Learn more...

Cheers and Happy International Women's Month to all. 

Written by Janice Budiman

Image from girls inc.

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