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Pumpkin Gift Box FTW

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A gift for the pumpkin and fall obsessed! Every year we create a pumpkin themed gift box and every year we buy more inventory because it always sells out! This year, we created a Seasonal Pumpkin Gift Box that has some great fall elements in it as well. It's filled with:

  • Pumpkin Sheet Face Mask
  • Pumpkin Horchata Candle
  • Moscow Mule Carry On Cocktail Kit 
  • Gourmet Coffee Caramels

Buy it here today, or better yet, build your own custom care package and fill with even more goodies.

We're in love...and even MORE pumpkin items are coming up on the box builder soon!

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  • Hi! I would love to buy the pumpkin box (even if it’s a pre order) but I’m not sure when it’s available – it has a 404 page when I try to click the link.

    Sarah Suter on

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