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Best Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts

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In the age of Pinterest, creating custom bridesmaid gifts and bridesmaid proposals  can be intimidating! You want to surprise and delight your bridal party with something custom, unique, personal, and that looks like it was DIY'ed by a Joanna Gaines-Martha Stewart Hybrid, #amiright?!

It's not impossible - and we're here to show some of our FAVE and best-selling gift items customers have put in their Bridesmaid Proposal and Bridal Party gifts using our box builder. 

1. Spa Items from Old Whaling Co.
We love the delicious scents of these quality bath and spa products from this female-owned company, and we know your girls' will too. Check out our box builder for various products and scents we carry, but pro-tip: French Lavender is to die for.



2. Unique & Ethically-Sourced Chocolate Bars
Our friends at Raaka chocolate are doing it right: they make their chocolate from scratch; with traceable, high quality, single origin cacao that is transparently sourced. And it. is. delicious.


We are all about some women empowerment and love these fun best-sellers - an iron-on patch that says "girl gang" and a two-piece heart-shaped best friends necklace that says "best bitches." Love love love.

4.  Sheet Face Masks
These are some of our best-selling gift items, everyone loves a good face mask! Not to mention we keep introducing more fun seasonal favorites (hello, pumpkin!). Check out all of our scents on our box builder.

4.  Our Best-Selling "Brunch" Candle
This candle, made by the female-owned Wax Cabin Co. smells AH-MA-ZING, we wish this was a scratch-and-sniff. It has notes of rose, chardonnay, blood orange, and grapefruit.

If you need help creating the perfect custom bridesmaid proposal gift, email our gifts pros today and we'll send you some suggestions! hello@happyboxstore.com


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