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Birthday Gift Ideas for the Aries in Your Life

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What to gift an Aries

Get ready for the rollercoaster of a ride that is gifting your fellow Aries! Choosing a gift for an Aries can be quite challenging; but that’s why we’re here to help. We can proudly say that we’ve shipped 600K+ custom gifts to people’s doorsteps. So, when we say we are experts at gifting, you can trust us!

Our Box Builder is a great way to make your own curated gifts for your Aries friends & fam. In a few easy clicks, you can create something that’s fully customizable to your liking too! Here are the steps:

Box Builder Walkthrough

  1. Navigate to happyboxstore.com 
  2. Click on Build a Box
  3. Select your gifts
  4. Check out and complete box
  5. Pick a gift box design
  6. Pick a handwritten card and type your message
  7. Fill out recipient details—No address is necessary all you need is their email! 🎉

Fiery, charismatic, and impossible to ignore, Aries command attention wherever they go. Their indomitable spirit and zest for life are contagious, drawing others into their orbit with an irresistible allure. For the Aries, every moment is an opportunity for adventure, and they tackle life with an unwavering enthusiasm that never fails to inspire.

Sit back and relax while we dream up the perfect birthday care package for him that you can build in a few clicks on our Box Builder: 

You Are F*King Great Retro Keychain
Aries thrive on encouragement and affirmation. The keychain serves as a constant reminder of their worth and greatness, boosting their self-esteem and confidence as they go about their day.

You’re a Star Bath Bomb
Let your Aries know they are a superstar and are absolutely killing it with this golden, citrus scented, star-shaped bath bomb. Once it hits the tub, it bursts into a yellow citrusy goodness that will uplift anyone’s energy. 

 Wednesday Addams Sticker

The perfect token to appeal to an Aries' sense of individuality and appreciation for dark humor. Not to mention, Wednesday Addams is an iconic character, and Aries individuals often appreciate things that are iconic or have a cult following.

4 Piece XL Fresh Baked Cookie Pack
Let’s be real – no gift box is complete without a sweet treat and Aries are known for their love of indulgence and treating themselves! A pack of cookies can fulfill this desire for something sweet and indulgent.

Birthday Cookie Bites
These are a no-brainer and it's no wonder they are a best seller for birthday care packages...they are sweet and delicious and have that iconic birthday cake flavor.

Birthday Cake Candle
With hints of cake and champagne, this slow burning candle is sure to keep the birthday vibes going for months to come!

Of course, these are only a few recommendations. We have so many more options that are sure to impress an Aries:

  • Explore the Entire Box Builder - With hundreds of gifts to choose from, you'll build the BEST care package 100% custom to them.
  • Curated Gifts - Need inspiration? Our team of experts have come up with the perfect gifting combos. Our Curated Gifts vary by occasion, milestones, moods, you name it! You can even add and remove items as you see fit. Of course we even have a section for birthdays to commemorate your Aries friends. So, be sure to check them out if you’re fresh out of ideas! 
  • Got a Picky Aries? Let them Pick their OWN GIFT! Try one of our newest and most popular offerings, where you set a budget and they pick their gift.

Happy gifting! 🎁

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