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Why self care gifts make the BEST gifts

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Wanna be a great gift-giver? Gift self care themed gifts.

Self care gifts are by far our most popular types of gifts at Happy Box, no matter what the occasion or season. And for good reason - self care gifts are always appropriate and appreciated. Gifting self care themed gifts encourage a healthy break for your recipient and communicates to them that you believe they are deserving of a break and moment to themselves. Who wouldn't appreciate that?

And the reality is, we could all use a little self care in our lives: 89% of Americans today report feeling burnt out.*

One place we've seen self care gifts to be even more impactful, is when they are sent for corporate employee gifting. Employees report more engagement and appreciation after receiving a gift centered around self care, since it shows that  management is empathetic and appreciative to the many hours of work employees are putting in. And being appreciated at work really matters: 80% of employees who recently left roles say lack of feeling appreciated is a top reason, even more than salary or bonus.*

We definitely see many "thank you" shoutouts on LinkedIn and on other social media when organizations gift self care themed gifts to their teams. From the words of one of our healthcare clients, "A self-care gift focusing on rest and recharging feels  way more genuine than just gifting another mass printed water bottle or cheap drawstring bag to them team." 

The cool thing about self care gifts is that they can take so many different forms:  they could be a journal to write down thoughts, poems, or to-do lists to get things off your mind, they could be bath bombs and lotions to make a spa-day from home, they might be some warm tea and indulgent treats to encourage you to take a moment to yourself, and they could be a sleep mask and soothing scented candle for a peaceful night in.

Here at Happy Box, we've loaded up our Box Builder with tons of self care themed gifts like tea, mindfulness puzzles, plant grow kits, cozy socks, spa face masks and more so you can build a customized self care themed gift box for this upcoming holiday season. Additionally, we've added NEW single wellness self care gifts on our Curated Gifts as well, with more coming weekly ahead of the holidays.

We believe the best gifts are those that the recipient doesn't need (and probably wouldn't buy), but would absolutely enjoy if they had them. And self care gifts focused solely on the recipient enjoying themselves or reflecting are the perfect example of a great gift.

*Zippia, March 2023; Gallup & Workhuman 2022

By Hannah Redmond, Co-Founder, Happy Box

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