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Happy Box x Bright Pink: Supporting Women’s Health

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Happy Box is excited to announce that launching today we are partnering with Bright Pink, an amazing organization that helps educate women on their risk for breast and ovarian cancers.

Bright Pink is the only national non-profit focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. 

Live on our custom box builder is our NEW “Bright Pink” box, designed in pink and teal to represent both breast and ovarian cancer awareness. Not only will Happy Box be donating $1 for every purchase of this box to Bright Pink, but additionally on each box is a QR code to Bright Pink’s “Assess Your Risk” Quiz so each recipient can understand their risk and take charge of their health. Start shopping and support the cause today.

Bright Pink states that 80% of cancers in young women are discovered by young women themselves. “We hope that in doing this partnership and shipping out these boxes, we’ll drive awareness to not only the amazing work Bright Pink is doing, but also to each woman recipient about the potential risks they may face when it comes to their health,” said Hannah Redmond, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Happy Box.

By focusing on health rather than cancer, Bright Pink inspires women to improve their overall lives. Working closely with women, they help assess their risk and create a personalized prevention plan. 

“As we are a women-founded company, Bright Pink’s mission means a lot to us,” said Ariel Redmond, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Happy Box. “As women, we should empower one another to proactively check our health.” 

Since 2013, over 1.7 million women have assessed their risk with Bright Pink and 600,000+ have learned they are at elevated breast and ovarian cancer risk. Learn what steps you can take now to reduce your risk of breast and ovarian cancer so you can take charge of your health, Take the Quiz.

Start building a box & add the Bright Pink limited edition box to your cart today to help make a difference today!

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