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Strategy Capabilities

We'll create your custom gift solution, start to finish

Gifting is a full-time job.

Our concierge clients leverage our services for all or some of the below, depending on their resources.

Full strategy creation based on client brief

Creative brainstorming

Custom packaging design

Gift sourcing from various vendors or
creation of custom product with manufacturers

Custom gift box kitting

Custom box and card design

Shipping and fulfillment services

Handwriting notes

Ongoing warehouse

Project management

Quality Assurance

Automation with CRM and HR softwares

Internal and external brand store

Custom web development

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Health Benefits

Year long Engagement

Problem: This large company struggled with onboarding new hires, celebrating milestones, and hitting key events throughout the year. With a large team and tons of gifting needs throughout the year, they struggled with finding a partner who could handle it all and keep previous gifts in mind to not repeat. They also struggled with finding quality gifts and service from SWAG vendors.

Solution: Happy Box developed a robust, yearlong gifting program to celebrate milestones, new hires, and significant/relevant holidays.

ROI: High engagement, gift campaigns doubles in budget year over year due to success

Fast Growing
Ad Tech company

Prospecting & Sales

Problem: Captify was struggling to hit sales goals among its growing competition. They needed a way to stand out among their increasing competitors and showcase their strategic advantage in the ad tech space.

Solution: We created strategic gifts that highlighted the box delivered to potential clients at a “blue ocean” unexpected moment drove not only calls but sales.

ROI: Our gifts generated more than $400K in sales in the first month of their campaign. This was a 40x return on their initial investment.


Employee Onboarding & engagement

Problem: This fast growing company was about to double in size, and had no onboarding plan in place. Retention was already a concern, so with this new influx of people, turnover was a concern.

Solution: We developed and executed a 90-day long onboarding strategy that engages a growing team from day 1.

ROI: Retention is the highest its been in the company’s history

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