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When Life Doesn’t Have A Manual, Listen To A Mom

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Written By: Brigid Fallon, Marketing & Partnerships Specialist @ Happy Box

Even though Mother’s Day can be claimed as another hallmark holiday, it’s honestly an important day because it is dedicated to all of the strong moms, the mother-figures, the dad-moms and every kind of mom in between (even though you should be celebrating them everyday). They deserve this day- they earned it.. 

In light of this past year, we wanted to share some advice that our moms and mother-figures have shared with us that has resonated with us in good times and bad. We asked some of the Happy Box team “what advice was given to them by a mother-figure in your life that has stuck with you throughout the years?” 

“Everything works out the way it's supposed to!” - Anna, B2B and Partnerships Team

“Clean your dishes, because if you don’t they will still be dirty when you come back” - John, Inventory Team

“There is nothing like family’ which has been proven right over and over again (and not just because we started a company together!)” - Ariel, Co-Founder 

“‘Only boring people get bored!!’ as a way to mollify me as a child (lol). She also taught me how to flush a public toilet with my foot - a very important life skill!” - Kat, Fulfillment Operations Manager 

“That could happen to anybody!” It helped me learn not to stress the small stuff and keep moving forward! - Callie, Strategic Projects & Operations Manager

“Not everyone has your point of view,” my mom constantly pushed on us that it's so important to recognize that everyone has their own life experience, challenges, and family situations - you never know what people are going through and what they have gone through so it’s important to always respect that. I think about that a lot, it’s important to think about how other people experience the world. - Hannah, Co-Founder

“Be where your feet are” It’s easier said than done, but it always pops into my head when things get overwhelming - Brigid, Marketing Team   

“Get Dressed. The possibilities are endless.” - Heather Eick, Fulfillment Team

Mother’s Day is around the corner, May 9th! If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift that isn’t paying for brunch or sending flowers, Happy Box has so many unique gifts for mom this year that will definitely make her feel like a cool mom. See our Mother’s Day gifts here.

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