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Instagram Accounts to Follow this International Women’s Day

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Written by: Brigid Fallon

Social media can be a negative place sometimes, but hey, it’s 2021 and strong, powerful women do NOT have time for that kind of energy (we’re too busy breaking glass ceilings). However, it also has the potential to effect change in positive ways. International Women’s Day (3/8) is a day that honors the great achievements of women and raises awareness about women's equality in society. This is why we want to highlight women who choose to spread positivity as well as empower other women on social media. These accounts will grace your feed by inspiring you through daily advice, memes, and quotes to spread good and raise one another up. 

So while International Women’s Day is one day of the year, be inspired every day by following these amazing accounts:  

Sara Blakey (@Sarablakely) 
Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist, Sara Blakley is the founder of Spanx, a brand of body-slimming undergarments, leggings, swimwear and maternity wear. In 2012 she became the world's youngest female self-made billionaire (if that’s not inspiring idk what is). Through her philanthropy work she continues to back a fund for female entrepreneurs. Her instagram account is full of personal pictures of her family as well as career and self-love advice that every woman should hear. Sara is the ultimate power woman being a mom of four AND an inventor.

SoGal Foundation (@imsogal)
As it says in their insta bio, the SoGal Foundation is on a “mission to close the diversity gap in entrepreneurship and investing globally”. The foundation is the largest global platform for the empowerment of diverse entrepreneurs and investors. Founded by Yiqing Sun, she felt that the road to entrepreneurship was very lonely since it is a male dominated industry and there was not enough support for women within this industry. She created the SoGal Community during her time at USC and it immediately began to gain global recognition. We stan this entrepreneurial foundation with it’s main goal to support women in business!

Sallie Krawcheck (@sallie.krawcheck) & Ellevest (@ellevest) 
Sallie Krawcheck is the founder and ceo of Ellevest, “a financial company for women, by women”. Their overall mission is to help women get more money into their hands by offering career coaching, financial planning, and investing services. The instagram account for Ellevest is full of inspirational quotes, tips, and tricks on how to achieve your goals as a woman. Along with her work with Ellevest, Sallie is also the chair of the Ellevate network, a global professional network for women. Her professional goal is to help women achieve their fullest potential professionally and financially. 

Dr. Akilah Cadet (@changecadet) 
Self-appointed as the “Olivia Pope of Diversity” Akilah’s platform is specifically to ensure change for people of color everywhere and overall has great content that empowers. The Change Cadet offers multiple services that help your personal development as well as group development aimed towards anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging. They encourage followers to be uncomfortable in order to impact change and their instagram is full of informational quotes, personal stories, and ways for you to get involved to create your own change. 

Ladies Get Paid (@ladiesgetpaid)
Ladies Get Paid is a service that helps women in their financial and professional endeavors. By becoming a member you are accessing a worldwide network of women that offers education and resources to help you advance! They instagram a lot of informational posts about helpful webinars, the guests that will be included in their “fireside chats” as well as memes and inspirational quotes.  A must follow!

The Female Collective (@femalecollective)
The Female Collective is an amazing resource if you need some self-care content and quotes about self-love (let’s be real.. Everyone needs that). Founder and activist, @candacereels created this platform as a way for women to be celebrated, supported, and empowered 24/7. 

And finally...

Girlboss (@girlboss)
Girlboss is a community that brings together ambitious, career-driven women who are redefining what makes them successful. On their aesthetically pleasing Instagram account, Girlboss offers advice, relatable memes, and brings awareness to women’s achievements. They also have an amazing podcast called Girlboss Radio Podcast which provides honest and uplifting content that will leave you feeling like you can achieve anything! If you need motivation- get on the Girlboss train.  

Whether you need a confidence boost, advice, ways to get involved, or some life motivation- these instagram accounts and their organizations as whole are our go-tos. All of their missions mean a lot to us and as women we should be hyping one another up everyday! 

Happy International Women’s Day, you’re beautiful and strong. Now go seize the day! 

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