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What it's like to be a Real Life Elf?

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a Christmas elf? We typically imagine what we have seen in the movies (I know you’re picturing Santa Claus and the movie “Elf” right now). You’re seeing a small picturesque winter village with a lot of hustle and bustle, Christmas decor, and of course, the holiday cheer that you can feel through the screen. 

Well, here at Happy Box we equate our holiday season to the real life North Pole, except that we are located in the beautiful city of Hoboken, New Jersey, and in lieu of the picturesque scene, reindeers, snow and all, our warehouse is packed to the brim with boxes and gifts and the sound of holiday jams. The holidays are our busiest season and the holiday cheer is real. We are constantly rushing to meet deadlines of filling and sending out gifts and handwriting holiday cards for our customers, and thankfully we have an amazing team that works extremely hard to help recipients feel the cheer of receiving a Happy Box. 

From beautifully packing the gift boxes to writing hand written notes, they do it all! We wanted to show what it is like to be a real life elf so we asked our fulfillment team a few questions about their experience so you can also see what it’s like!







Meet the Elves: 

Corinne, Fulfillment Team Member 

What’s your top holiday gifting tip?

Make your gift as personal as possible! We can either write a card for you, or you can send a virtual audio/video message of yourself - it really adds that extra touch your recipient will love! 

Liezel, Fulfillment Team Member

What do you think the perfect gift should contain?

Something unique that you can't get everywhere else, like our quirky holiday light cup!

Kat, Fulfillment Operations Manager 

What is the atmosphere in the warehouse during the holiday season?

Festive AF! We like to keep things pumped up and energized! We play the BEST holiday music & decorate the warehouse.  We're always laughing and bustling, keeping that elf workshop vibe going and loving every minute of this fast-paced time of year.

Callie, Strategic Projects & Operations Manager

What’s your favorite part about packing care packages for family and friends during the holiday season?

I love knowing how happy the recipient is going to be when they unwrap the gift! I also love packing care packages for friends and family that are super curated and specific to them.

And of course we had to ask our two Santas these questions, 

Hannah, Co-founder 

What is the atmosphere in the warehouse like during the holiday season?

We blast holiday music and hustle hard - the warehouse is buzzing with activity and really fun to be around. We have an amazing, super fun team and we all genuinely enjoy hanging out with each other so that definitely helps the vibe.

Ariel, Co-founder

What do you think the perfect gift should contain?

It MUST have chocolate. That's 100% necessary.

Happy Holidays!

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