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Our Picks for Holiday Drinks: Cheers to the Holidays

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Written by: Brigid Fallon, Marketing & Partnerships Specialist

Whether you want a new drink to try at that upcoming holiday party or you're becoming your own mixologist in the kitchen, we have a few festive drinks that will surely get you into the holiday spirit (no pun intended). Be warned, there was no extensive research or trial and error in the search for some seasonal cocktails. Instead, we went straight to the source, our trusted Happy Box team. Below you’ll find linked   our team’s top fizzy, festive, & fun drinks that you should DEFINITELY try. Don’t be fooled - some may seem like the traditional drinks you have every.single.year but there will be a few holiday twists, I promise. 

Spiked Cider

Recommended by: Callie, Strategic Projects & Operations Manager

Starting off on a more traditional note, Spiked Cider is a must, no, a necessity during the fall and winter months. You can’t go wrong with it because it’s delicious AND makes the house smell all warm and fuzzy. However, it can take up to 2-3 hours but the labor aspect is very minimal and you’ll feel like a witch brewing up something special. 


Christmas Old Fashioned

Recommended by: John, Inventory Operations Manager, Happy Box Store

We are still continuing the traditional cocktail route and staying with the classics. Up next, we have an Old Fashioned with a holiday twist - this one includes sugared cranberries…It’s the embodiment of the holidays, just in a glass.


Christmas Moscow Mule

Recommended by: Sarah, B2B Partner Success Sr. Manager

 Okay, this one may just taste like Christmas. We have the Christmas Moscow Mule, or the “Yule Mule” if you want to sound even more festive when presenting this  holiday drink. This is pretty much a regular Moscow Mule, but with the addition of sugar and cranberries, it’s the perfect drink for Christmas (and even Thanksgiving). 


Snowflake Martini

Recommended by: Brigid, Marketing & Partnerships Specialist 

When the weather outside is frightful, a snowflake martini is so delightful! Get with the holiday theme with this beautifully white drink. This cocktail takes 5 minutes to make and you may end up on the naughty list with how good it is. 


Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Recommended by: Nia, Graphic Designer 

Get the marshmallows, whipped cream, and peppermint sticks ready! Some people prefer to stick to their OG hot chocolate, no other flavor added. I admit it took me a very long time to try peppermint hot chocolate (weird, I know) but it’s worth it. If you’re not in an alcohol kind of mood and you’re just relaxing by the fire watching Holiday movies, Peppermint Hot Chocolate is the drink for you. And if you are feeling crazy, add in some peppermint schnapps or vodka of choice with no judgement from over here.

If you didn’t notice, there was no egg nog found here, sorry if you were disappointed…I know I’m not! 

We hope you try these festive drinks and have a happy holiday season! If you loved these recipes and tried them out yourself, post a picture on Instagram and make sure to tag us at @happybox. Cheers!

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