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4 Creative Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Long Distance Boyfriend

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Written By: Caitlyn Conville / @cat_lyn99 

Its hard enough shopping for Valentines Day gifts for boyfriends, but if you two are long distance, its even more difficult. You want to give him something that not only reassures him of your love, but is worth the shipping costs. See below for some creative gifts for your long distance guy this Valentine's Day:

1. Ship him a Care package, like our Beer or Bourbon Happy Boxes
Raise your boyfriends spirits this Valentines Day by sending a boozy-themed care package from Happy Box. The curated Beer Boxcomes with gourmet craft beer cheese pretzels and a barrel aged brown ale candle for your brew-loving dude. The Bourbon Boxwill meet all your sweethearts neat needs with a bourbon cask aged dark chocolate bar and his very own flask.

You can also build your own long distance Valentines Day gift box and fill it with goodies picked specifically for your favorite fella. 

2. Make a “52 Things I Love About You” Book
The way to ace Valentines Day gifts for your boyfriend is to give straight from the heart. Playing cards are widely available at many price points, and are sturdy enough to arrive at their destination intact. On each of the 52 cards, write something about your boyfriend that you love. It can be anything from the color of his eyes to the way he only ever drives with both hands on the wheel. Be creative, but heartfelt! Its an easy, adorable long distance Valentines Day gift to remind him that he is your king, even if he acts like a joker sometimes.

3. Buy Long Distance Touch Lamps
Light up your boyfriends life with a unique in-sync lamp this Valentines Day. You and your boyfriend each set up your own lamp via wifi, then when one of you touches the lamp to turn it on, its paired mate will emit the same colored glow. These lamps are perfect long distance Valentine's Day gifts because they function no matter how far apart you two are. With a simple touch of your hand, you can let him know that youre thinking of him and he can do the same for you.

4. Surprise Him with An In-Person Visit
Dont just surprise him with presents, surprise him with your presence! The best Valentines Day gift for your boyfriend is your company. Hit the road or take to the skies, since its already been way too long since youve given each other a hug.


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