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Best 2020 Birthday Gifts

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Written By: Caitlyn Conville / @cat_lyn99 

The Best 2020 Birthday Gifts are the ones you make yourself.
2020 has been rough so far - your loved one could probs use a little extra affection and a little extra surprise and joy on their birthday this year. Rather than just ordering something random from Amazon, make them something personalized in a few clicks with our custom gift box builderWhy?

They’re More Thoughtful than the Average Gift Basket
Hand-picked, personal birthday gifts just radiate love and consideration. A DIY project like building a custom care package tells the recipient that you put in the time and effort to hand-select each and every item. You showed that you pay attention to their interests and personality, which in turn shows just how much you care about them!

They’re One of a Kind - Truly
Every hand-crafted care package gift is unique! That exact box with those exact sentiments will never be created again. Its a treasure, and makes for a very special experience. Something precious shared between only you two.

They're Affordable 
Custom gift boxes from Happy Box are already affordable, but you can still control the total cost by picking out more affordable items (we have 99+ to choose from) to your hearts content without sacrificing quality.

They’re More Personal with a Beautifully Handwritten Note 
The best part is writing your message in the card - the pièce de résistance! - to tell them precisely the reason you picked each and every gift. Whether the item is emotionally tied to a memory or just something you know will make them laugh, you and your recipient have endless memories between the both of you. Use them to your advantage!

Happy Box Pro-tip: Think back to all your shared years of friendship to when you build them the perfect custom gift box and mention your thinking in your card: I got you a face mask because you need to chillax! And its watermelon-scented - your favorite!or Heres a sticker of Drake, because I know you still listen to Gods Plan on repeat,or A pink scrunchy to finally replace that one I stole from you, teehee!or The Brunch candle represents all the times weve drank too many mimosas at brunch together.

Using the Happy Box custom gift box builder, smiles are guaranteed.


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