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5 Ways to Connect with Friends While Social Distancing

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Written By: Hannah Redmond, Co-Founder @ Happy Box

It's a weird time: we're living through a global Coronavirus pandemic that comes with mandatory social distancing and self-isolation. Crazytown.

As a company built on preserving long distance connections with friends, we thought we'd share some of our team's fave tips for staying in touch with friends during social-distancing to help us all survive what could be a pretty lonely time. 

1. Schedule a virtual hangout (or better yet, a virtual happy hour) 
Zoom and Google Hangouts aren't only for meetings. Schedule a hangout or happy hour with friends using one of these group video call services, make yourself a drink with what you have on hand (use this cocktail builder for help), and curl up on the couch and catch up with friends, without ever having to put on pants. Or a bra. #FREEDOM. Play never-have-I-ever, truth or dare, do it up! Fun fact: Japanese women coined a new term for drinking in self isolation.

2. Take an online workout class with a friend
So many workout studios and trainers are offering free online workout classes and free extended trials for workouts you can do right at home. So, (virtually), grab a friend and dedicate some time to take the workout class during the day together. Check out obé or Blogilates, and don't forget to check out what local boutique studies near you are doing - many are live streaming home workout classes for free on social media. Working out not your thing? Join a virtual dance party.

3. Party like it's 1998: challenge a friend to an online game.
So, looks like Slingo won't be around for much longer (damnit, this is the worst timing!), but there are plenty of apps, online games, and video games you can play with friends. Let your inner child come out and have some fun! Some ideas: Chess, Battleship, Speed Sudoku, Pictionary and more. Go ahead, do a quick Google search for your favorite multiplayer games and see what's online.

4. Call friends & family you don't see often.
Yes, with the phone - we've gotten too used to texting. With no commute time, you'll have plenty of time to call grandma, or FaceTime your roommate from college and check in. Use this time to reconnect. Ask how your friend's kid is doing, ask your cousin how school is going. Hell, write someone a good old fashioned letter. You'll be happy you did, and they'll be happy to have heard from you.

5. Binge watch Netflix together - on different couches.
Netflix Party is a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online - it synchronizes video playback and even has a group chat feature. So, make it a movie night with your gals, or turn Love Is Blind into a drinking game together...

Remember: we will get through this. Stay safe and stay connected, everyone. <3


Happy Box Team

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