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10 Long-Distance Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Even if shes far away, the most important woman in your life deserves to be spoiled every now and then! Mothers Day is the perfect opportunity to do so! Heres a list of the top 10 long distance Mother’s Day gifts so you dont disappoint the woman that gave you life!

1) Sweet, Sweet Chocolate for A Sweet, Sweet Woman

Your mom deserves only treats fit for the queen that she is. Gourmet is the way to go, but get something that makes her tastebuds sing! Go for bold flavors if shes the adventures type, or stick with the classics. Whichever she prefers, if its loaded with sugar, youre doing it right! Be sure to fill your long distance Mother's Day gift box with the most delicious chocolate money can buy!

Pink Sea Salt, Chocolate for Mom, Custom Gift Box

2) Ayyy. I. Love You

Your long distance Mother’s Day gift box better include something that actually helps her around the house. Smart home devices, like video doorbells, are popular Mothers Day gifts for a reason. An Echo Dot is basically a virtual butler! But your matriarch will probably most benefit from a pair of noise-canceling headphones, especially if your siblings are home.


3) Care About Her Skin(Care)

This Mothers Day, give your moms skin a glow thatll blow away her dermatologists. Face masks are great because they come in so many different formulas, which means you dont have to stop at one mask. Happy Box always has luxurious face masks in stock for precisely this reason. 

Face Masks for Mom Spa Day For Mom Rose Face Mask Lemon Face Mask Spa

Give her a variety of intoxicating aromas to hydrate, brighten, and soften her beautiful skin. Not to mention all the opportunities shell have to finally relax. Maaaybe stay away from theanti-agingmasks, unless shes got a sense of humor! We love Tony Moly masks for their delicious variety of scents. 

4) She’s Da Bomb

A stressed-out mama could always use more relaxation, so rejuvenate her with bath bombs too! Gift her more than one ultra lush bomb for more than one mini spa experience. Come on, shes been on lockdown with your dad for weeks now, the woman could use a little pampering!

5) At Her Age, She Needs (Wine) Glasses

Remind her what its like to be 21 again! Cocktail kits are the hip new way to keep your birth giver feeling good, and Happy Box has got em all, from Italian spritzes to margaritas. If anything, itll make staying at home a little easier! She had to sacrifice drinking for 9 months just for you. Mothers Day is the time to make up for that!

wine glasses for mom, mothers day wine, wine from home, remote mothers day

6) Peace and Sereni-tea

If shes not into alcohol, a calming cup of chamomile will do the job just as well. Tea makes for a nice, mellow long distance Mother’s Day gift. Tea is quick and convenient, so she can brew a little pick-me-up whenever the mood strikes. If shes into more exotic blends, you can find those easily with the help of the ubiquitous internet.

7) Knock Her Socks Off

Socks dont have to be dull! Spice up her wardrobe with all sorts of fun prints and patterns. Maybe go for a pair with some inspiring words written along the cuff, or even a funny catchphrase. Whichever matches her personality best.

If shes a gym rat, she might appreciate some gym socks. But, ya know, gym socks are comfy enough to laze around the house in too #nojudgement.

8) Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Gift boxes for women on Mothers Day almost always include jewelry, and thats A-OK in moms book!

Splurge on the glitteriest bracelet shes ever laid eyes on! For the more goofy mama, how about a pair of earrings that are sparkly and silly at the same time?

Or if shes the sentimental type, send her one half of a two-piece necklace so youre both more connected than ever. Pop in a photo of the two of you having the time of your lives together so she doesnt even need to power up her phone to see your smiling face. Sure, cell phones can store gigabytes of memories with ease. But that doesnt replace the deeply personal feeling of keeping your favorite memory close to your heartliterally.

9) Gotta Stick Together

Stickers are a fun and unique method of self-expression! She can decorate her laptop, phone cases, notebooks, windows, or whatever blank and boring surface she wants. Encourage your mama to show the world how much she adores cats, or how much she idolizes RBG (who doesnt?) with a sticker of her face! Happy Box has got that too, along with an assortment of other colorful decals.

10) Night out on the town! 

The gift of experience is a long distance Mother’s Day gift idea that can fit in an ordinary little envelope, but the impact is anything but!

Spoil your mothership with gift certificates to a spa in her area and to her favorite local restaurant. Or go for a home run with tickets to see her favorite team at a sports game or her favorite band in concert!

Its up to her whether she takes her spouse or her gal pals. But you can make the decision a no-brainer by surprising her and taking her yourself. Theres no better present than the company of her baby!

If you werent already the favorite child, you will be if you follow any of the suggestions from this list. Dont let distance get in the way of showing your mom how much you care about her this Mothers Day!