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Three Ways to Engage Employees this Summer

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It's no surprise that summer results in employees being a little less engaged. The sun is shining, and people are thinking about being outside, at the beach or pool, or are excited about an upcoming vacation (that - let's be real - they're probably partially planning during work hours).

Here are three ways you can lean into the summer fun and engage the team: 

1. Have a surprise ice cream day at the office - this doesn't have to be fancy - think ice pops from the 3rd grade. It just gives everyone a reason to stop and be social for 20-30 minutes and take a little break. Send an email or all-office slack saying "Let's celebrate summer - ice cream and ice pops at 3:00 today in the kitchen!" and order via Instacart or Uber Eats variety of ice pops and single serve ice creams (the more nostalgic the better) and enjoy the time as a team.

2. Send everyone a small, themed gift with a note from leadership wishing everyone a happy, safe, and fun summer - lean into the fact that they are going to spend time outside and tell them to enjoy it!

We hear it again & again from our clients: "Can you suggest a quick and affordable way to drive employee engagement for my team this summer?"  We've shipped 500,000+ custom gifts, so we know a thing or two....

 Some gifts we've done in the past for our clients: summer lemonade kits, s'mores making kits, branded beach balls, & the CEO's favorite "beach read" book about leadership. Want us to brainstorm for your needs and budget? Submit an inquiry or book a call today.

3. This is definitely easier if you have a small team, but you can always do a "walking meeting" - or do an outdoor activity. It could be as simple as taking lunch outside together at a nearby park, or do a full-on outdoor picnic or a team lunch at an outdoor restaurant. Even better - schedule an afternoon to volunteer together at a local community event or charity like painting park benches or painting a school. 

Happy summer! 

by: Hannah Redmond, Co-Founder, Happy Box 

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