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Tips for Finding the Perfect Gift

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Have you ever spent hours browsing in a store hoping that the perfect gift for your friend will just come jumping out in front of you? Finding that perfect gift can be a long and confusing process, but it doesnt have to be!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting the best gifts before you break out that credit card:

1. Do Your Homework
Before picking anything out, now is the time to put Harriet the Spy out of business and stealthily find out all those little things you don’t already know about your bestie.

For example, no one in their right mind could turn down chocolate, so this tasty treat is always a good choice, but for a more custom gift, incorporate her own personal chocolate preferences! Does she like milk or dark better? Is she nuts about nuts? How does she feel about nougat? When you hand her a custom gift box of chocolate perfectly tailored to her liking, she’ll be thrilled (and surprised) at just how well you know her!

2. Think of ALL of her Various Interests! 
Theres always one girl in every friend group thats obsessed with her dog, so shes probably already received every pooch-related gift under the sun. But maybe this pup-preoccupied pal also likes to pamper herself every now and then, so a quality bath bomb or a delicious-scented face mask would really stand out among all the fur and whiskers as a unique gift!

3. Remember: She Deserves to be Spoiled
Your best friend deserves only the finest things in life, so give her the lavish lifestyle you know she wouldnt buy herself but would totally appreciate anyway. The best gifts are things she would love Present her with gourmet, luxe, jumbo-sized, or handcrafted prezzies that will make her feel like the princess you know she is.

4. It’s the Thought That Counts
No gift is too small when the amount of thought and love behind it is so big. A sleep mask is a simple yet sweet way to tell your friend that you care about her well-being and how much sleep shes getting. A pen shows her that you believe in her dreams of stardom when you pair it with a handwritten note that says she should really start practicing her autograph. Make sure you choose her favorite colors and patterns and youve got yourself a tiny but mighty, unique, and personalized gift.

Whether your friend loves chocolate, dogs, spa days, or anything in between, Happy Box has got you covered. You can choose a themed gift box filled with curated goodies or you can build your own box for an even more personalized gift. Either way, Happy Box will ensure that your friend will be thoroughly pleased with how much you care about her.

 By @cat_lyn99 

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