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Our Favorite Holiday Recipes

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Written by: Brigid Fallon, Marketing Intern

Here at Happy Box we love to divulge in holiday treats and drinks and we never shy away from trying something new and neither should you. This year has been quite different, and so can your dinner whether it’s adding a new dish or drink to the menu. Regardless if you’re feasting safely with friends or family, our team came together to share our festive favorites that you should definitely add to your list. None of us are top chefs but these recipes will definitely make you feel like you’re on Barefoot Contessa and your guests will think so too.

Bacon Jam Cinnamon Rolls

"I recently came across this recipe for Bacon Jam Cinnamon Rolls and I knew I had to try these for the holidays! I will personally use crispy turkey bacon but who can turn down warm cinnamon rolls period...(plus this recipe uses my favorite jam from Trade St. Jam & Co - Cranberry, Raspberry, & Sage). Excited to add this to my recipe book!" - Marquise

Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread
"This is my favorite holiday recipe and I make it every year, going on 11 years. It is THE BEST pumpkin bread recipe there is (with 10,000+ 5 star ratings on allrecipes.com, seriously.) Pro-tip: cut the sugar in half and double the spices (especially the cloves....my fave!), makes for a less sweet, spicier treat. Oh and always eat it warm." - Hannah 

Mulled Wine
"My favorite dessert is Pecan Pie ...HOWEVER baking is not my strong suit. I typically make a trip to Petee's Pie's in the city during the holidays to pick up some of my favorites. Something I CAN make and have mastered is Mulled Wine. For those who do not know, mulled wine is heated red wine and winter spices such as cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg. It really hits the spot in the winter. You can find my favorite recipe here: Mulled Wine Recipe | Gimme Some Oven.  Trust me on this one, it’s delicious. Pro tip: Keep the heat on a low simmer and make sure you don’t let the wine bubble. It will burn off the alcohol… something you don’t want.”- John

Linzer Tart Cookies
“It’s not Christmas without cookies and my family has been making Linzer Tarts for as long as I could remember- it’s a staple in our family. We make loads of these to give to family and friends every year and I must say it is a favorite. With powdered sugar and raspberry jam, it’s the epitome of Christmas in a cookie and you cannot go wrong with making these.” - Brigid  

Cinnamon Rolls
This is my mom’s old recipe we’ve been using for years. We always eat them on Christmas morning! - Callie 

Ordering from Local Restaurants!
"The holidays are crazy, and sometimes, you need to throw in the dish-towel. I love finding festive faves at local restaurants. I feel good knowing i’m supporting local spots, and there are no dishes to do! I’ve never felt better ordering takeout." - Ariel

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