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Introducing Happy Stories: Real Stories Behind Happy Boxes Sent

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Ask any Happy Box fulfillment team member what their favorite part of their job is, and 100% of them will say “reading the card notes as we hand write them.” The gift notes our customers write to their friends and family are so inspiring. You really get to see how genuine, caring, and kind people are.

Some of our favorite themes we see:

Thanks for being an amazing human.

Thank you for being my rock!

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

We were inspired to tell some of these stories.

Introducing a new content series: Happy Stories. We talked to six amazing women who sent Happy Boxes to loved ones. We asked them all about their experience choosing a gift recipient and all the gifts to go inside their Happy Box. You can view all the videos in the link below - and if you laugh or cry - we know the feeling ;)

Happy Stories Playlist

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