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Best Advice We Got as New Moms

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A few of us are new moms over at Happy Box, and are so excited to be celebrating the joys of mommyhood for our first Mother's Days this year! So we thought it would be fitting to round up the best advice all the moms at Happy Box got when they were new moms.

"There's no manual for motherhood/parenthood - just go with your gut. Always accept help when its offered, and ask for it when its not. Whenever you share a hug with your kids, don't be the one to let go. They will let go when they're ready; enjoy every second of them holding on to you." - Kat, Senior Manager, E-comm Fulfillment Operations & Mommy to Charlie and Teddy

"My biggest piece of advice from a 4-month old mom is: give yourself grace. You're healing, you're learning and you're sleep deprived. Try to see the good in every moment you have because it really is a beautiful time (even though everything is messy and you have no idea what you're doing). Enjoy every cuddle with your little one, savor every feeding, and bask in the love-fest that is being a new mom. Be open and communicate with your partner about your needs and how you're feeling, and accept help! Just give yourself time to learn and grow into motherhood! More practical advice: stool softener."- Ariel,Co-Founder/Creative Officer & Mommy to Eloise "Ella" 

"If it's working for your family, it's the right thing. Don't compare yourself or what you are doing and don't worry about it if it's working for you and your family. Also, no one knows your baby better than you. Trust your gut." - Rita, Director, Marketing, Growth & Operations and Mommy to Tyler 

"A few things I was told by more than one person that have really helped me through the newborn stage: 1. In the hardest moments, remember everything is temporary; it gets better. 2. Let things go. It’s so easy to be stressed by a messy apartment, or questioning if you’re doing things exactly right when you see "perfect" moms on Instagram…no one is perfect and you are doing your best - and that's enough! 3. A happy mama makes a happy baby: make sure you’re also prioritizing tiny things for YOU: a bath, enjoying a chocolate bar, a workout, etc. It will make you feel human again." - Hannah, Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer & Mommy to Reyna "Rey"

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