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6 Tips to Stay Happy if You're a Corona Bride (by a Corona Bride)

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Written by Ariel Redmond, Co-Founder, Happy Box & #CoronaBride2020

Pushing your wedding SUCKS. It will suck, and we would NEVER take that away from you. You can tell us how much it sucks until 2022 and we won’t blame you. As someone who has postponed once, and probably has to postpone again in July, Let me tell you, I GET IT. However, staying positive is key here, ladies. I’m no expert on Corona weddings, BUT here are a few tips from one corona bride to another:

  1. Call your bridesmaids & have a chat. They’re your closest friends and you chose them because of the support and love they’ve had for you from the get. Nothing puts things in perspective like a #realtalk with your girls.
  2. Know that everyone wants to party. They want  to come. They are scared and just as bummed as you are. Try like hell not to take it personally if you have an uncertain guest-list.
  3. Look at your ring. It's so pretty. Repeat when sad.
  4. When you do have your big day–it will be EPIC. MONTHS of pent-up need for socializing and partying with people has built up for your guests, and it will all be unleashed when you finally have your wedding day. Prepare for the  party, the after party, the sunrise party, and day drinking the next day–I sure am!
  5. Know this is totally out of your control. The decisions you've had to make to cancel are being made FOR you, so there’s no need to worry or be upset, this is horrible but it’s also not your fault at all.
  6. Remember, you found a soulmate--that’s INCREDIBLE. It’s really easy to get caught up in all the “wedding day” hype, but truly remember this is all about you and your partner. A few masks, less guests and a global pandemic can’t take that away from you. <3


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