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3 Reasons Why Summer is the BEST Time for Client Gifting

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When it comes to client gifting - everyone invests so much time and energy for end of year/Q4 holiday gifting. But the reality? Your clients' desks are likely covered in vendor and prospecting gifts and swag...summer is actually a much more strategic time to gift something if brand awareness, client engagement and retention are your goals. 

Based on our learnings of shipping hundreds of thousands of corporate gifts, here are the top three reasons why summer is a great time for your client gifting:

  1. Summer is a mid-year touchpoint: Summer represents a mid-year point, making it a strategic time to reconnect with clients. This touchpoint helps remind clients of your appreciation and can reignite engagement, and it's also a time when many corporations are revisiting their annual goals to see how they're tracking against them. What's more, many companies are kicking off 2H and next year annual budget planning prep. It's a strategic moment to pop in and have a meaningful proactive conversation with them.

  2. Summer is a really FUN time for seasonally-relevant gifting: Summer-themed gifts such as s'mores kits, iced coffee makers, summer cocktail kits, outdoor camping gear, travel essentials, fun poolside accessories can make a big impact - they're more fun some typical "stuffy" swag gifts that are typical in Q4 (think: mugs). These more unique and thoughtful gifts lead to more social media mentions or posts, increasing your brand's visibility and reputation. Additionally, clients may be more relaxed and receptive during the summer, especially if they are taking vacations or enjoying slower business periods. A well-timed gift can enhance their positive feelings toward your brand during their leisure time.

  3. It's a great time to differentiate your brand and stand out: Most companies focus on holiday gifting at the end of the year. By choosing a meaningful and surprise summer for client gifting, you avoid the clutter and competition of holiday campaigns, making your gesture more memorable. 

Taking advantage of "white space" gifting moments can make the most impact when it comes to client gifting. Get in touch with our corporate gifting experts today to hear some creative ideas for your client gifting needs 

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